3+1 tips for creating speed

Speed equals surfing success and is next to the bottom turn the most important foundational maneuver. The more speed you have the more waves you will finish successfully and with more radical maneuvers.

“Speed equals surfing success.”

When to create speed

On bigger waves when you go fast you sometimes have to burn speed by stalling or in a tube, a surfer slows down with his arms. However, it is important that surfers have the ability to create speed in these 3 situations:

1. at take-off (especially when taking off deep, for example, to enter a tube section),

2. in situations where there is a long section to make, and

3. in small waves conditions.

3 tips on how you can surf with more speed:

Tip 1: 

Throwing your arms as soon as you pop up and bring your board up on a high line after take-off.

Tip 2:

When facing a long section that seems to outrun you, do 2 strong arm throws. Be aware to be in tune with the wave. Once you are high up the wave face, harness the energy and drive down before initiating the second throw.

Tip 3:

Next time when faced with small conditions, make it a game. See how many waves out of 6 you can surf with speed for the whole duration of the ride.

Bonus Tip:

Use this skate simulation to practice creating speed on your backhand. Skate Simulations are a great way to boost your progress by 5-10x if compared to going only surfing.


Skate Sim BH Creating Speed


Skate Sim BH Creating Speed

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